Art and the Politics of Estrangement
SFSIA 2015 | Saas-Fee

June 5 – 23, 2015


June 4th
8pm Welcoming Drinks
Metro Bar in Saas Fee Village

June 5th
10am Orientation
4-7pm Warren Neidich Introduction- “Estrangement in Cognitive Capitalism”

June 6th
10am-1pm Gerald Raunig
4-7pm Gerald Raunig
8:30pm Gerald Raunig

June 7th
10am-1pm Gerald Raunig
4-7pm Ben Vickers
8:30pm Neil Leach

June 8th
10am-1pm Ben Vickers
4-7pm Ben Vickers
8:30pm Philip Beesley

June 9th
10am-1pm Armen Avanessian
4-7pm Armen Avanessian
8:30pm John Frazer

June 10th
10am-1pm Armen Avanessia
4-7pm Barry Schwabsky
8:30pm Discussion with Barry Schwabsky & Quinn Latimer

June 11th
10am-1pm John Rajchman
8:30pm Neil Leach & John Rajchman

June 12th
10am-1pm John Rajchman
3-5pm Student Work Share
5-7pm Anke Hennig workshop
8:30pm Anke Hennig

June 13th
10am-1pm Suzana Milevska
4-7pm Suzana Milevska
8:30pm Sanford Kwinter

June 14th
10am-1pm Suzana Milevska
8:30pm Patrik Schumacher

June 15th
10am-1pm Dorothee Richter
4-7pm Dorothee Richter
8:30pm Warren Neidich

June 16th
10am-1pm Dorothee Richter
4-7pm Exhibition Discussion
8:30pm Mark Burry

June 17th
10am-1pm Charles Gaines
4-7pm Charles Gaines
8:30pm Achim Menges

June 18th
10am-1pm Charles Gaines
4-7pm Exhibition Discussion
8:30pm Benjamin Bratton

June 19th
4-7pm Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi
8:30pm Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi

June 20th
10am-1pm Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi
4-7pm Hito Steyerl
8:30pm Hito Steyerl in conversation with Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi

June 21st
10am-1pm Hito Steyerl
4-7pm Mathieu Copeland
Eric Golo Stone, LA><ART
Gale Elston, Art Lawyer- “Fair Use, Luc Tuymans, and Territoriality”
8:30pm Keller Easterling

June 22nd
10am-1pm Anselm Franke
4-7 pm Anselm Franke
8:30pm Casey Reas

June 23rd
2-3pm Barry Schwabsky
4pm Exhibition Opening