Faculty include: Antonia Alampi, Suzanne Anker, Chloë Bass, T.J. Demos, Paz Guevara, Betti-Sue Hertz, Stefanie Hessler, Leon J. Hilton, Joan Jonas, Amelia Jones, Maurizio Lazzarato, Alex Taek-Gwang Lee, Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky, Yann Moulier-Boutang, Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, Warren Neidich (founder/director), Clio Nicastro, Ahmet Ögüt, Rachel O’Reilly, Ana Teixeira Pinto, Jasbir K. Puar, Tobias Rees, Suely Rolnik, Daniel Ross, Martha Schwendener, Barry Schwabsky (co-director), Vandana Shiva, and Anuradha Vikram

A central feature of SFSIA is a Public Lecture Series, which is free and open to the public to invite conversation, debate, and inquiry across communities. Our full 2020 Public Lecture Series can now be viewed as part of Art & Education’s Classroom series.

SFSIA | 2021

Full information on SFSIA 2021 programs will be announced in the new year.
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Noise as Possibility

in collaboration with sonsbeek20→24

Arnhem, The Netherlands
June 2021

Activist Neuroaesthetics

hosted by Spike

Berlin, Germany
July 2021

Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art (SFSIA) is a nomadic, intensive summer academy with shifting programs in contemporary critical theory that stresses an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the relationship between art and politics. The program consists of seminar-style lectures, deep readings, and experimental workshops. An evening lecture program is free and open to the public. Subscribe to our mailing list for updates.

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