Sound as Divinity with SAVVYZΛΛR

Through October, SAVVYZΛΛR takes listeners on sonorous travel tracing a number of archaeological musical artifacts native to Mesoamerica before the arrival of the Europeans. The series of journeys wander into the early perceptions regarding sound conceived as divinity. SAVVYZΛΛR, under the artistic direction of Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung (Faculty '19, '20) commissioned composer, educator, musician and instrument maker Luis Perez Ixoneztli to produce a 4-part series which peers into profound…

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Collisions & Render Engines

Diogo Tudela's (Alum LA '18 and Berlin '18) exhibition "Collisions & Render Engines" was recently on view at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Lisbon, Portugal. "Collisions & Render Engines can be defined as a real time aural-visual theatre of impacts and debris. The presented structure tries to materialize an information system enclosing possible trajectories within the feedback loop that connects the aesthetic artifacts of warfare to its entertainment counterparts." – Diogo…

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Machine Reveries and the Possibility of Thought Beyond the Human Body

Jack Booth (alum Berlin '19) published his essay 'Machine Reveries and the Possibility of Thought Beyond the Human Body' for the Spring '20 issue of Strelka Magazine. "Machine-machine vision—a parallel visual culture developed by machines, for machines—is testing the boundaries of what we consider thought." – Jack Booth In the essay Jack examines how '...In his 1987 essay “Can Thought Go On Without A Body?” the philosopher Jean-François Lyotard saw thought as inseparable from the body; the body…

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