Monuments to the Precarity of Survival

Olu Oguibe's (Faculty Berlin '18) first solo exhibition in Austria presents a tripartite of monumental and commemorative works produced since 2000. The exhibition Olu Oguibe was part of the annual "Curated By" gallery festival in Vienna, curated by Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung (Faculty Berlin '19 and '20). Iuventa (2020) With this eponymous exhibition, painter, sculptor, conceptual, artist, poet, curator, scholar and art critic, Olu Oguibe, was hosted by Galerie Kandlhofer. The monumental…

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Overmorrow’s Library

Overmorrow’s Library is a podcast series by Federico Campagna (Faculty Berlin '16), presented by the Centre d'Art Contemporain Genève. The library for "the day after tomorrow" is dedicated to books and authors whose work explores the limits of the "world" as the frame of sense through which our consciousness experiences the chaos of reality. 'Each new episode presents a book that engages with the challenge of world-making, with the end-time of a world, or with the eternal unworldly. Spanning…

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In Search of a Recuperative Aesthetics

In Search of a Recuperative Aesthetics is an Art & Education Classroom curated by Kayla Anderson (Alum Berlin '19). The hypertext 'seeks out art works and practices that we might call recuperative - those that grapple with the present by carving out space to feel, mourn, dream, and build.'   Providing introduction to the space/programme, Anderson opens: In discourses about climate change, extinction, slow violence, and lingering manifestations of colonialism, to profess hope can seem…

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