Album Release: We Are Not Sick

After two years in the making, in September We Are Not Sick (John Longwalker and Geert Lovink [Faculty Berlin '16]) launched their first theory-music album, titled 'Sad by Design.' Sad By Design is an album of music inspired and interwoven with the book of the same title by band member Geert Lovink. John Longwalker provides production across a variety of genres — from gentle ambient to a raw, nearly brutal hip hop style to anthemic acid house — in order to maximize the potential audience space.…

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Mother Tongue | The Immigrant Artist Biennial Virtual Exhibition

As part of the Immigrant Biennial 2020: Here, Together!, Furen Dai (Alum Berlin '20) is showing their works Federal Census (Nativity and Mother Tongue) and Federal Census (Health), in the virtual exhibition Mother Tongue. Photo Credit- Eli Klein Gallery Furen Dai writes the following about their participating works Federal Census (Nativity and Mother Tongue) and Federal Census (Health): 'The United States census, mandated in Article I, Section 2 of the Constitution, is the process of…

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Diary of a Stylist | INC Longform

The Institute of Network Culture's latest longform 'Diary of a Stylist' by Maisa Imamović (Berlin 19') reveals the writer's experience as a e-commerce stylist, discovering the 'the styling of aesthetics in and out of professionally creative contexts', as well as 'yet another bored state of being.' 'In 2019 I started the job of an e-commerce stylist. Each working day I enter the warehouse at 8:34 AM. When inside, the first thing I do is walk myself to the clocking-in station where an iPad asks…

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