The Pheonix, New Ways of Collaboration

This fall, Renata Zas (Alum Berlin ’18) founded Buenos Aires-Berlin (BAB) with Valeria Geritzen with a workshop, “The Pheonix, New Ways of Collaboration” held at RAH Geyersbach, focussing on the question: How do we want to live the (art) world in the present and the future?

BAB was founded on the 3rd of October 2019, on the 30th anniversary of the German’s unity, “…looking at collaborative and horizontal practices and projects, within ways of leaving our egos aside; and decolonized thinking: Latin American eyes on Europe and European eyes on Latin America.”  BAB makes use of the ttt structure (talk-think-text):

First, we hear a talk together,
Then, with all guests/visitors, we work on the presented content and lastly,
We see what kind of “text” develops.

The workshops take around 15 minutes – then we get back together to share and point out on gains and pains.

About BAB
BAB is a series of talks focussing on the art world and on the relationship between artists, curators, art managers and institutions. We use various forms of speech such as panel sessions, ex-cathedra expert lectures, alongside with interviews, while offering space to entries of performance artists, musicians and poets to capture a topic and give it into the discourse.

Especially pointing on intercontinental and intercultural aspects, BAB n.1 presents “Latam eyes on Europe – European eyes on Latam”



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