Sogno di Sogni

Eva Macali’s (Alum Berlin ’18) installation Sogno di Sogni (Dream of Dreams) in the garden of the Convent of S.M. del Giglio in Bolsena, Italy, investigates the collective dream as part of regions’s project towards relational and participatory art with the inhabitants of the area.

Sogni di Sogni by Eva Macali (2020)

Macali describes the installation:

“Sogno di sogni is a fabric sculpture and an installation that investigates the possibility of a collective dream created after the narrative of individual dreams. A huge sound bed sheet can be silent or predicting according to the movement of the wind… What you hear can be considered the collective story of a memory, a fictional tale, a vision of the future, or all these things together.”

The Intangible Writing of Dreams

The citizens of Bolsena is each represented by a sheet, a personal object of everyday life that “contains” words and phrases: a common surface, a single large sculpture of suspended fabric made with e-textile, a particular technology that allows to incorporate sounds into fabrics and transform them into interactive audiovisual devices: the simple movement of air or the hand with gloved hand of the visitor influence the recomposition variables of the flow of voices.

The large size of the collective sheet serves to anchor the visitor’s attention, filling his field of vision like a blank sheet available for the intangible writing of dreams narrated by the participants and deconstructed by the artist in single words, portions of sentences or entire sentences.

The individual fragments, through a continuous interaction with the work by visitors and the environment, are constantly recombined with each other in causal sequences, allowing the emergence of a new collective dream in perpetual change.
The devices developed for the sound part of the installation using arduino (schematics and code) will be documented and disseminated under a Creative Commons license so that the entire creative community will benefit from the work done.

Sogni di Sogni by Eva Macali (2020)

“A Shared Oracular Source”

Sogno di Sogni is a single and large sculpture of fabric that becomes a shared oracular source, a witness to memories and fantasies, interrogated when the mere bodily presence of a spectator changes its state and position.

The stories were collected by the “Punti di Vista” association. Most of the dreams are told in Italian, with natural cadences in the local dialect and of the people who participated. The installation will be an experience for every dream “donor”, who will be able to recognize their own voice, their own words or that of one of their Bolsenese villagers, thanks to the movement of the wind.

31st October – 8th December 2020

Sogno di Sogni
Convento del Giglio
Via Madonna del Giglio, 49
01023 Bolsena VT


About Eva Macali

Eva Macali is a research artist working through sound, painting, assemblage and video, often integrating them through installation. Her practice deals with the morphology of language and the metaphysics of matter focusing especially on nature and gender in a post-human perspective. She works in solo projects as well as social and participated projects.

Eva Macali, nata a Siena nel 1974 e cresciuta a Genova, vive a Roma. Il suo percorso formativo in sociologia la porta ad occuparsi di comunicazione e politica, partecipando parallelamente come artista in mostre collettive con uno pseudonimo. Il suo intento è sempre stato quello di lasciare una impronta incisiva nella società e oggi l’esperienza formativa in un campo alternativo a quello dell’arte si evince nella ricerca multidisciplinare e multi-identitaria della sua opera.
La sua ricerca artistica si concentra sul suono, la pittura e il video la scrittura di ricerca e la poesia sonora.