Maisa Imamović

Diary of a Stylist | INC Longform

The Institute of Network Culture's latest longform 'Diary of a Stylist' by Maisa Imamović (Berlin 19') reveals the writer's experience as a e-commerce stylist, discovering the 'the styling of aesthetics in and out of professionally creative contexts', as well as 'yet another bored state of being.' 'In 2019 I started the job of an e-commerce stylist. Each working day I enter the warehouse at 8:34 AM. When inside, the first thing I do is walk myself to the clocking-in station where an iPad asks…

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Club-wise: A Theory of Our Time

Maisa Imamović (Alum Berlin '19) published "Club-wise: A Theory of Our Time" with the Institute of Network Cultures. The essay takes an experimental form, combining Imamovićs observations from Amsterdam's club scene with critical theory, music videos, and lyrics – to name but a handful of elements. "Meet the club-goer. Today he woke up thinking that, compared to the typical weight of his miseries, the day feels quite light. Upon waking up, he suddenly decided to go to the club tonight. Prior to…

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