Collisions & Render Engines

Diogo Tudela’s (Alum LA ’18 and Berlin ’18) exhibition “Collisions & Render Engines” was recently on view at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Lisbon, Portugal.

“Collisions & Render Engines can be defined as a real time aural-visual theatre of impacts and debris. The presented structure tries to materialize an information system enclosing possible trajectories within the feedback loop that connects the aesthetic artifacts of warfare to its entertainment counterparts.” – Diogo Tudela


In that sense, the project poses a critique on media itself by addressing its role within the architecture of the military-industrial-media-entertainment complex, as a producer of formal solutions that contribute both to the endo-militarization of everyday life, and to the operational importance of post-production, special effects and fiction in actual warfare.


In their haptic, specular and auditory expressions, the material tokens of war overlap with a vast array of everyday manifestations of leisure and celebration. Stroboscopic lights, martial rhythms in fanfares, ludic drone piloting, pyrotechnical spectacles, sound systems fed by epileptic drum machines, first person shooters. With warfare operating as a global denominator, entertainment performs as an ubiquitous boot camp, providing, with different gradations of resolution, constant military training, adding yet another layer of subliminal labour to everyday endeavors.

Collisions & Render Engines

28 Nov 2019 — 02 Feb 2020
SONAE Media Art Award Exhibition / MNAC — National Museum of Contemporary Art.
Lisbon, Portugal


About Diogo Tudela

Diogo Tudela (Porto, 1987) is a programmer and independent researcher whose practice involves theoretical fiction, speculative computation, simulation and mechatronics. His more recent work dwells on text-based objects and the ontological limits of matter manipulation.