Georgia Sagri (Faculty Berlin ’18) will develop a new chapter of her ongoing research on IASI (“recovery” in Greek), over a period of 3 months at Mimosa House, London. During this time, Sagri will work with selected participants to continue her research into self-care and recovery, a practice that expands on over 10 years of work, and includes voice tuning, breathing and movement techniques.

Alongside Mimosa House, the continuation and development of the process until 2022 will be supported by two other allies: De Appel in Amsterdam and Tavros in Athens.

Over the last 10 years Sagri has been developing a series of treatments as a self-care practice, which has included voice tuning, breathing techniques and movement. This became the basis for her work Dynamis – featured at documenta 14 (Kassel and Athens, 2017) – which involved sharing these techniques with over 200 members of the public across the two cities. During this process, Sagri observed an improvement in the general wellbeing of participants.

Addressing the pathologies of our time, Sagri identifies her role in this process: “to support, listen and navigate with each participant the compass of their discomfort, and its causes and effects. The treatments are approached as a creative practice, in which we work together through voice, gesture and movement techniques. Each participant will find movements and behaviours that allow them to learn from their pain, become stronger and empowered, and facilitate the potential of further self-recovery”.

The research and practice formation at Mimosa House unfolds in two interrelated parts: the first consists of private and anonymous one-to-one sessions, taking place between January and March 2020, with a number of participants involved in the research. The second part will derive from the first part’s case studies, taking shape in the form of performances, objects, drawings and writings by the artist. The exhibition of these works and case studies will open to the public on 14 February, running until Saturday 2 May.

[Text via Mimosa House]


[..The Greek word Ίαση (pron. iasi) refers to the time and process in which the body changes through illness. There is no such thing as recuperation and a healthy, normal state. There is a stage that allows the person to recognise, explore, and learn from their physical condition, illness, pain. How and in which way an organism becomes well is not really definite. Isn’t it “to be well” the very notion of the constant change that life is? Isn’t recovery the innermost commitment to ourselves and others to be able to transform, and to change? – Georgia Sagri, 2020


Georgia Sagri (2019), The Sight of the Liver, 60 x 60 cm, leather, color thermal silkscreen print, iron, courtesy the artist and Central Fine


(in greek: Ίαση)

with institutional allies
Now at
Mimosa House, London
From mid March until June at
TAVROS, Athens
In the near future at
DeAppel, Amsterdam
Ongoing at Ύλη[matter]HYLE, Athens


“Each treatment is a private one-to-one encounter that builds the content of the research safeguarding personal anonymity. Putting the treatments on the stage – on what was the topos of the theater, where the construction of the social definitions took place – I aim through this practice to release social roles and behavioral self-policing. This intimate technique of observation happens with the training of the voice. I am interested, in opposition to psychoanalysis in how the voice sounds, and not in what it says. With smooth training, I follow and support each participant to tune differently as well as to experience another interiority of their body and through that tuning to become physically stronger and better. Each of the participants learns from their physical state and find movements and perhaps even a new voice that will possibly allow them to self-recover.

The documentation of the individual treatments will be conducted with written texts, lectures, performances, in order to create a living record and to visually report the research practice and the content of the different case studies..]” – Georgia Sagri, 2020



Georgia Sagri: IASI
15 FEBRUARY – 2 MAY 2020

Open Wednesday–Saturday
12–6pm and by appointment

Mimosa House
12 Princes Street

3 minutes walk from Oxford Circus


About Georgia Sagri

A founding organizer of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Georgia Sagri’s social activism (alongside her artistic activities) dates back to 1997, when she was a member of the Void Network in Athens. Sagri has organized the perambulatory curatorial project Saloon and the audio-only magazine Forté since 2009. In 2013 she initiated the semi-public and semi-personal space Ύλη[matter]HYLE in Athens, with the mission to develop a new model for the contemporary work-life structure. She has exhibited and participated in documenta 14 (2017), Manifesta 11 (2016), Istanbul Biennial (2015), La biennale de Lyon (2013), Whitney Biennial (2012), Thessaloniki Biennale (2011), and the Athens Biennale (2007).