Persistent Echoes

In the fall of 2019, Emilie Trice’s (Alum Berlin ’19) essay Persistent Echoes was included in a time capsule in the walls of the the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s new Rudin Family Gallery.

The essay is on the work of artist/musician Ted Riederer, with the time capsule is a vessel for his sonic, archival art piece “Persistent Echoes”.

‘The artist and musician Ted Riederer will seal his sonic artwork Persistent Echoes within the walls of the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s new Rudin Family Gallery, where it will remain untouched for at least one hundred years. Persistent Echoes is a vinyl record consisting of varied recordings that the artist produces himself, using a diamond to etch sound waves onto a physical object forever, a process he terms a “transcendental science.” The titles of each individual recording are self-explanatory, describing their own contents. When combined, the titles and sounds become a “tone poem,” constructed by the artist to convey a very specific yet fragmented zeitgeist; an aura of Now. A plaque bearing the complete tone poem will be exhibited on the same wall in which Riederer’s Persistent Echoes is embedded, creating an audio-visual time capsule – an archival artwork.’ – via Emilie Trice

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About Emilie Trice

Emilie Trice is an artist, writer and curator specializing in contemporary visual culture. Emilie works with text, video, found objects and digital processes to make art that critiques patriarchal systems through an eco-feminist lens. Her artwork has been exhibited in Berlin, Miami, Aspen and Denver and has received press from outlets including Germany’s Tagesspiegel newspaper, Time Out Berlin and The Aspen Times.

Emilie is currently pursuing a MA in Emergent Digital Practices from the University of Denver. She holds a BA in Art and German from Middlebury College in Vermont.