In Search of a Recuperative Aesthetics

In Search of a Recuperative Aesthetics is an Art & Education Classroom curated by Kayla Anderson (Alum Berlin '19). The hypertext 'seeks out art works and practices that we might call recuperative - those that grapple with the present by carving out space to feel, mourn, dream, and build.'   Providing introduction to the space/programme, Anderson opens: In discourses about climate change, extinction, slow violence, and lingering manifestations of colonialism, to profess hope can seem…

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In Darkness We Hear

In Darkness We Hear is an experimental essay by curator, writer, and SFSIA alum, Anabelle Lacroix (Alum NYC '19), published as part of the online journal Disclaimer's latest dossier From Wakefulness to Consciousness, edited by Anabelle Lacroix and commissioned by Liquid Architecture. As a journal focusing on new thinking and writing about listening and sound, this latest publication is "an invitation to critically reinvest and inhabit sonic worlds" in particular regard to insomnia. Donald Duck…

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GLOBAL MODE > by Eva Davidova (Alum NYC '19) is an experimental project that explores play, new video formats, possibilities of interactivity and interdependences, and the merging of realities. Eva Davidova: Global Mode > Low Witness Objects Created with ISSUE Project Room, and supported by Harvestworks, GLOBAL MODE > is a collaboration performers Naicha Diaby, Heather Mo'Witz and Mx. Oops, the musician and artist Matthew D. Gantt, and the technologist/ musician Danielle McPhatter. The…

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