Committee of Six

Fred Schmidt-Arenales' (Alum Berlin '20) film 'Committee of Six,' Chicago (2020) continues the artist's work from 2017, as part of the Graham Foundation's Grantee Project programme. Fred Schmidt-Arenales, Film still from “Committee of Six,” Chicago, 2020. Courtesy the artist and Graham Foundation Committee of Six Committee of Six is an enactment of a series of archival documents from the Special Collections Archive the University of Chicago. These documents are rough transcripts of meetings…

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Sogno di Sogni

Eva Macali's (Alum Berlin '18) installation Sogno di Sogni (Dream of Dreams) in the garden of the Convent of S.M. del Giglio in Bolsena, Italy, investigates the collective dream as part of regions's project towards relational and participatory art with the inhabitants of the area. Sogni di Sogni by Eva Macali (2020) Macali describes the installation: "Sogno di sogni is a fabric sculpture and an installation that investigates the possibility of a collective dream created after the narrative of…

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Monuments to the Precarity of Survival

Olu Oguibe's (Faculty Berlin '18) first solo exhibition in Austria presents a tripartite of monumental and commemorative works produced since 2000. The exhibition Olu Oguibe was part of the annual "Curated By" gallery festival in Vienna, curated by Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung (Faculty Berlin '19 and '20). Iuventa (2020) With this eponymous exhibition, painter, sculptor, conceptual, artist, poet, curator, scholar and art critic, Olu Oguibe, was hosted by Galerie Kandlhofer. The monumental…

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